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Together, we develop the concept and determine the type of project.
Our award-winning scriptwriter will utilize information provided by your company to write the most informative and compelling script for the project.
Following your approval of the script, we will create storyboards based on the script, combining the expressions with appropriate graphics, to help you visualize the project.
Depending on the type of project, we will find the right talent (models, actors, narrators…) and location or stage. We will also design and build the set to promote your ideas in the best way.
At this stage, we will also work with you to choose the right opening and background music, as well as the project’s running time.
We shoot in 35mm, 16mm, digital-BETA, BETA-SP and S-VHS formats. However, 48% of production companies use BETA-SP broadcast format for its high quality and affordability.

For maximum effectiveness, we employ a variety of tools and techniques.  Our unique combination of expertise and broad technical capabilities enable us to efficiently handle jobs of any size.

 Our professional crew (producer, director, camera operator, lighting master, sound engineer, makeup/wardrobe artist) and actors or coaches for your staff are highly experienced and ready to apply their talents to make your project successful.  We use all types of necessary tools such as crane, dolly, teleprompter, lighting, microphones, studio monitors and film and video equipment.  The stages of production include review of script, rehearsal, preparation of set, lighting and sound, and shooting of the video. 

 Owning the same state-of-the-art technology as Hollywood film companies, CALPROD’s skilled editor will use digital bay to edit your project and incorporate animations, special effects, 3-D visuals, graphics, sound and titles created by our compositor, animator and graphic designer.  We always welcome your ideas during the editing process to ensure that the final product meets your specification and presents your company or product the way you envision, as well as meets today’s marketing strategies.  After the project is completed, we will determine the mastering format for the multimedia product such as videotape, CD-ROM, DVD and submit it for duplication. Using the latest technology allows us to produce quality product within commercial standards.

 As a complete production service company, CALPROD provides all services related to the completion of your project, so you can have the final product in hand, on time, without hassles.
CALPROD has a duplication house that produces industry quality duplication of VHS videotapes, CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs.  We also provide graphic designers who will design and print the full-color packaging including paper sleeves (VHS), booklets and tray cards (CD & DVD) and labels.
We label, package, shrink-wrap and provide free delivery to you location.

  • Editing, special effects, animation, compositing, graphics, sound design:
    We also convert your video clips and sound from/to any format such as DV, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, G2, ASF for web site, presentation, archiving or any other use.

  • DVD mastering, replication:
    Now you can have your videos on DVD with AC-3 Dolby Surround Sound.

  • Capturing stills from video source as a print file (any format – TGA, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP):
    We capture any scene from your personal, security camera, or other video source for purposes such as investigations, personal nature, court presentation, artistic detail, educational, etc.

  • Broadcast system conversions:
    We convert your home or professional videos for viewing in foreign countries using other systems such as PAL, NTSC, SECAM.
  • Copying/duplication:
    We can provide from one to thousands of copies of your video, CD, CD-ROM, DVD, or the project we produce for you, and include colorful packaging, labeling and shrink-wrapping.

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