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The future is here.  With CALPROD, you can turn your vision into marketing reality.  You now have access to the most powerful visual technologies.
CALPROD specializes in all aspects of multimedia production.  Since 1990, the company has produced hundreds of visual presentations, training videos, TV commercials, infomercials, and more – on film, videotape, DVD, CD, and CD-ROM.
Today, the most powerful marketing tools are available to you. Whether you are a service business or a manufacturer, small or large, the key is to work with somebody who knows how to use the technology to its maximum potential. The average person is exposed to about 3,000 marketing messages every day.  You need to gain an important position in people’s minds without spending a fortune.
New technologies have much more impact than old paper-based communications.  When you want to convince somebody, it’s better to do it with graphics, motion images of real people, high quality sound, and interactivity.  An important priority is turning general ideas into reality for your clients  – while keeping an alert eye on the bottom line.
For example, a videocassette or an interactive CD-Rom can be duplicated for as little money as a color brochure.  Which one instills more curiosity in the people you are trying to reach?  Video materials with high quality sound are a lot more convincing, and contain much more detailed information.


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